Corretto is mixture of Tebuconazole and Sulphur in water dispersible granules (WDG) formulation. Tebuconazole is systemic and broad spectrum fungicide from tiazole family. Tebuconazole inhibit dimethylase. This enzyme inhibition interferes in process of building structure of fungal cell wall. While Sulphur has a long history of use in agriculture, valued for its fungicidal properties and low environmental impact. Sulfur works by preventing the development of fungal spores and inhibiting their ability to infect plant tissues.

Active Ingredients:

Tebuconazole 10% + Sulphur 65% g/l (w/w) WG

  • Dual Mode of Action
  • Broad Specturm & Systemic Action
  • Residue & Resistance Managment
  • Enhance Crop Health
  • Sulphur work as acaricide too.
  • Curative and eradicative action

Target Pathogen: Powdery mildew, fruit rot diseases of chilli and leaf spot, pod blight disease

Target Crops: Soyaben.

Competibility: Corretto is competible for all available agrochemical formulation except low pH micronutrient mixture.

Available Packing: Corretto is available in 500 gm and 1 kg Jar.