Tiger-90 Xtra

TIGER-90 Xtra concentrate formulation of Calcium Polysulfide Solution. Calcium Polysulfde is also known as Lime Sulfur Solution. Lime Sulfur Solution is an organically approved fungicide cum acaricide (Miticide) to control wide range of fungal and other plant diseases in orchards, field crops and horticulture crops. TIGER-90 Xtra also used in flood irrigation system as a fertilizer to full fill plant's calcium and sulfur deficiency.

Active Ingredient

250 gm/Ltr Sulfur (S) present as Polysulfide Sulfur

  • Ideal Fungicide cum Miticide for Winter Clean up Spray.
  • By Reduceing Winter Inoculum it enhance effectivness of In-Season Fungicide Application.
  • Smaller Particle Size then Other Sulfur Fungicide.
  • It also work as source of Sulfur and Calcium as a nutrient when applied with irrigation to root zone.
  • Low Toxicity
  • Organically Approved Molecule.
  • Zero Residue Effect No harvest waiting time.