Tiger-90 Super

TIGER-90 Super concentrate formulation of Calcium Polysulfide Solution. TIGER-90 Super is formulation of calcium polsulfide with some propritory surfactants. Due to presence of surfactants and wetting agents it is rapidly absorbed on surface of plant. TIGER-90 Super also fungicide cum acaricide (Miticide) to control wide range of fungal and other plant diseases in orchards, field crops and horticulture crops. TIGER-90 Xtra also used in irrigation system as a fertilizer to full fill plant's calcium and sulfur deficiency.


270 gm/Ltr Sulfur (S) present as Polysulfide Sulfur

  • Ideal Fungicide cum Miticide for Winter Clean up Spray.
  • By Reduceing Winter Inoculum it enhance effectivness of In-Season Fungicide Application.
  • Smaller Particle Size then Other Sulfur Fungicide.
  • It also work as source of Sulfur and Calcium as a nutrient when applied with irrigation to root zone.
  • Low Toxicity
  • Organically Approved Molecule.
  • Zero Recedue Effect No harvest waiting time.
  • It desolve salt deposited in irrigation system and clean it up.

Available Packing : 800ml, 04Ltr and Bulk