HEXAGON is 5% Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation of Hexaconzole. Hexaconazole is broad spectrum fungicide belongs to triazole group of systemic fungicide. Hexagon have excellent control on Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes , Deuteromycetes and fungi Imperfecti. It can be used as both curative as well as preventive measures.

Active Ingredients:

Hexaconazole 50 g/l (w/w) SC

  • Novel Mode of Action
  • Broad Specturm
  • Supression of fungal disease like powdery mildew, downy mildew and some rust disease

 Mode of Action : Hexagon is an excellent ergosterol synthesis inhibitor. By inhibit ergosterol synthesis it damage cell membrane of organism.

Target Disease : Hexagon can be used to control powdery mildew, Sheath Blights, Rust, leaf spot and some soil born disease like root rot and wilt.

Target Crop : Vegetable, Oil Seed, Cereals, Plantation Crops etc.