Tableau is suspension concentrate formulation of Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole. Tableau is combination of strobulin and azole group fungicide. Tableau is broad spectrum fungidice. Azoxystrobin distrupt electron transport chain and prevent ATP syntesis ultimatly prevent respiration in fungal cell while tebuconazole work as dimethylase inhibitor which interfers fungal cell wall synthesis.

Active Ingredients:

Azoxystrobin 110.0 + Tebuconazole 183.0 g/l (w/w) SC

  • Dual Mode of Action
  • Broad Specturm
  • Systemic and Translaminar Action
  • Improve Crop Healty and Quality


Target Organism: Aphid, Thrips, Fruit Fles, Leafhoppers, Coleoptera, Diamond Back Moth (DBM), Pysllids, and Rust Mites.

Target Crops: Tableau is a broad spectrum contact insecticide effective as a foliar spray for control of pest of Cabbage, Okra, Cotton, Cumin, Chilli, Mango and Onion.

Competibility: Pahadi is competible for all available agrochemical formulation except low pH micronutrient mixture.

Available Packing: Tableau is available in 250 ml, 500 ml and 1Litre.