Aviv is mixture of Fipronil and Imidacloprid Wettable Granule (WG) formulation of Fipronil distrupt GABAA receptor channel in central nervous system. This distuption lead to excess neuronal stimulation and death of target insects. While Imidacloprid act on acetylcholine receptor and disturb proper functioning of neurvos system.

Active Ingredients:

Fipronil 400 + Imidacloprid 400  g/l (w/w) WG

  • Dual Mode of Action
  • Broad Specturm
  • Feeding cessation with in 24 to 48 hours of foliar application
  • Systemic and translocation action

Target Pest: White grubs

Target Crops: Sugercane and Groundnuts

Competibility: Pahadi is competible for all available agrochemical formulation except low pH micronutrient mixture.

Available Packing: Pahadi is available in 40 gm and 100 gm.