400 gm/Ltr Profenofos + 40 gm/Ltr Cypermethrin, PROFACE PLUS is combination of Profenofos 40% and Cypermethrin 4% in emulsion concentrate formulation. PROFACE PLUS is broad spectrum insecticide due to combination organophosphate and pyrethroid group. PROFACE PLUE gets dual power to control many insects from different Classes.

  • Ideal and proven broad Spectrum insecticide for many crops.
  • Fast Acting Insecticide as it is available in emulsion concentrate (EC) formulation.
  • Single product to control sucking and chewing Insects together.

Mode of Action: Profenofos is cholinesterase inhibitor and disrupts nerve impulse transmission by acting in synaptic regions while cypermethrin is sodium channel blocker and disfuction it which lead to death of insect.

Target Insects : Jassids, Thrips, Bollworm, Stem Borer, Leaf Hopper, Root Grubs.

Target Crops : All Oil Seed, Vegetable, Horticulture and other green house and open field crops.

Available Packing : 250ml, 500ml, 01 Ltr and Bulk