CYTOSOME is unique biostimulant and proprietary blend of Amino Acid, Short chain Peptide and Sea weed extract. Cytosome is an organic bio-stimulant and competible to use for both in soil irrigation and foliar spray. By foliar application it enhances the growth of plant leaves, flowers, promote pollination and fruits setting while by soil application it enhance root growth and vigorous bud development, ultimately it increase crop yield.

  • Naturally derived Biostimulant.
  • Solvent Free water based formulation.
  • Competible for Foliar and Soil Application
  • Non Toxic and eco-friendly formulation.
  • Zero Recedue Effect No harvest waiting time.

Dosage: 2-3 ml per Litre for foliar applicaiton and 1000ml to 1250 ml in soil application per acre

Target Crops : Grape vines, Mango, Bringal, Tomato, Chilli, Leafy Vegetable, Flowers, Vegetable crops, Ornamental Crops, Field Crops, Ornamental Crops